About Guerrilla Chicken Spirits

Guerrilla Chicken Gin, Black Re-usable bottle being held aloft

The process of making Gin and Spirit Alcohol is not very sustainable, with lots of energy and water needed. However, we are progressively challenging ourselves to find the most sustainable way to make, package and ship Gin.

  • Our electricity is certified Zero Carbon energy.
  • Each of our deliveries has a measured carbon footprint which we will assess to ensure this doesn’t start to creep up.
  • The bottles are carried by ship as the more environmentally friendly alternative to air freight,
  • Unfortunately, we cannot find a producer of our bottles in the UK

The Guerrilla Chicken Gin journey started following attendance at a COVID-interrupted, week-long course at the Brew School in the delightful Derbyshire market town of Bakewell. A key theme that emerged from current Gin producers was the need for a back story.

What will get people interested in your product?

Well, our backstory is that we don’t really have one. We don’t see the need for location-specific fairy-tales. We want Guerrilla Chicken to be your Spirit drink of choice because of the great taste and the bottle it comes in.

We also don’t want the florid, floral lines so typical of many propositions. Simple, clean lines and a simple message. We want you to enjoy our drinks and use and reuse the bottle forever. We would love that none of our bottles need to be recycled and certainly never hit the landfill.

Keep the bottle chillin’ in the fridge, ready for enjoying at home, or ready cold for taking to a picnic or party in a park!

Please post your favourite combinations and mixers on how to drink our Spirits on our social media pages. I take mine chilled straight from the fridge with a single ice cube and no mixer. Each to their own!

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Still and sustainable refillable Gin bottles